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how we work

The support we can offer to the companies goes from research of colours, fabrics and trends of present and future seasons to product study for every client, planning (designing) a “made to measure” collection to discuss with the help of the pattern maker or technician (either intern or extern of the company) to succeed to have prototypes (normally been realized inside the company. In case of need it’s also possible to supply this support *) on which to work on to correct eventual defects.

After been carried out the single garments, the collection will be coordinated and checked that all the samples appear complete but not excessive, that it will be in syntony with the character of the company (brand) and that it has a commercial functionality.

The development.
After consultation of international trend books, fashion shows, travelling the main cities in the world and gaining exclusive information from the industry, the way of working will be prepared as following:

  1. carrying out trend schedules, including: pictures / illustrations, trend colours, materials (fabrics, accessories)
  2. discussing themes with the client
  3. realizing the designs of the collection
  4. to explain the designs to the pattern maker
  5. to check every single garment and coordinate the collection

On request we offer also the possibility to look after any other aspect regarding communication, like brand, catalogue, retail-stores, advertisement etc.

* It’s possible to offer our clients technical consultancy, making use of experienced and proven professionals in the industry, that are collaborating with us for several years and in case of need they form a close-knit team with us.

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