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The studio of Enrica Porta starts her activity of designing consultancy at the beginning of the 90’s and develops very well after matured experience of the designer over the years at some of the most famous fashion houses in the 80’s.

During the years, our activity had to face the most various business situations in both product typology and client dimensions. This has brought us a heterogeneous and most various experience possible in order to remain the standards of style imposed by the creativity of the designer.

Therefore we have faced problems related to time, economy and methods of the biggest companies in Italy and the rest of the world:  from Italy (Vestebene/Miroglio Group – Preca/Brummerl Group – Marzotto/Linea M Missoni Group – Upim Group etc.) from abroad ( Kashiyama Group / Tokio – Kowa Group / New York - Hongren  Group / Cina - Volvoreta  Group / Spagna etc.).

And equally, the problems of the small –and medium sized companies that are asking for a larger contribution of research and garment control as well as a different approach in communication and interpersonal relations.

During the years we have touched various kinds of clothing: female, junior, male, young, classic, formal, in-formal, shoes, handbags and various accessories. Fashion trends.

Today, our rather complete experience allows us to supply our consultancy to the major companies presented in the market, offering useful professional instruments to create a successful project.

We are able to offer handmade colour and non-coloured designs, tecnical designs for company production schedules, worked out designs by various computer programms. Fabric and trend research through principal fairs and showcases in the world.
All that keeping the right dimensions and volumes of a craftmade cut, that made our country famous in the world.